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Event – Peak Oil, Petrol Prices and Climate Change: Preparing Victoria for the Future

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on June 5th, 2007

This Conference, see more details below, is particularly interesting as it being held by the Australian Council of Social Service, representing the issue of peak oil and climate change from a community perspective.

Peak Oil, Petrol Prices and Climate Change: Preparing Victoria for the Future
10am – 4.30pm, June 27
DOI Theatrette, LVL 29, 80 Collins St, Melbourne
FREE ALL DAY conference held by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)

In 2006 petrol prices jumped to $1.49 in Melbourne and substantially higher in rural areas. The impact was felt across Victoria as household transport costs increased, people flocked to overcrowded public transport and businesses and organisations faced budget blow outs.

High petrol prices place considerable additional demands on our already stretched public transport services. Creative solutions which integrate transport and urban planning are required to reduce Victorias car dependence and vulnerability to rising petrol prices. Petrol prices remain high and may climb substantially higher. We are simultaneously facing the realities of climate change and the need to rapidly reduce our reliance of fossil fuels. What does this situation mean for Victoria? How can we prepare for the future to prevent high fuel costs damaging our economy and communities?

This conference will provide an overview of peak oil and its potential social and economic impacts and explore key strategies for maintaining a robust economy and strong and equitable community in the face of these challenges. The conference aims to raise the profile in Victoria of the challenges presented by peak oil and to engage decision makers in planning for an adequate response. Invitees will include government and community representatives working in transport and land use planning, business, agriculture, rural and regional development, health, education and community services.

Keynote speakers
Professor Peter Newman (Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Technology) will provide an outline of peak oil and its implications for Victoria
Dr Richard Denniss, (co-author of Growth Fetish) will present findings of research VCOSS has commissioned into the economic and social impacts of high petrol prices on disadvantaged communities
Dr Jago Dodson, (Research Fellow at the Urban Policy Program, Griffith University) will present his research on oil vulnerability in the Australian city
Please note: More speakers are soon to be announced.

Afternoon workshop sessions will explore impacts of peak oil and high petrol prices on different sectors in the Victorian community and develop recommendations for action. As someone with expertise in your field, your attendance at these workshops would be invaluable.

A full conference program will be available shortly – visit the VCOSS website. Places at this event are limited. Although it is not necessary, we would appreciate you RSVP.

Registration form, Peak Oil and Petrol Prices

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