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Event & Movement – National Ride to Work Day, 17 October

Posted in Events, Movements by Ferne Edwards on October 9th, 2007

On 17 October 2007 Bicycle Victoria will host this years National Ride to Work Day. Riders from all states and territories can participate. Government and corporate organisations from around Australia have made the commitment to join this huge event.

Estimated participation this year is:
Over 60,000 participants
Over 2600 registered workplaces, many hosting their own breakfasts
More than 70 community breakfast events in CBDs and town centres.

According to the Ride to Work website:

National Ride to Work Day will stimulate over 10,600 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas savings in the first three years – that’s more than 2650 hot air balloons or 212,000,000 “black balloons” full of CO2!

For more information or to register a team visit the Ride to Work website,

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