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Designing Innovation: Social Innovator Dialogues

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on June 28th, 2010

Source: The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, in collaboration with the Centre for Social Impact and the Australian Social Innovation Exchange invite you to join us for the inaugural Social Innovator Dialogues. The Social Innovator Dialogues aim to bring internationally renowned leaders in social innovation together with local changemakers and challenge us to think differently about the big issues affecting our communities and to test practical ways to integrate innovative approaches into our responses to unmet social needs.

This July for our Designing Innovation tour, we’re bringing leading thinker, Ezio Manzini, to our shores for masterclasses and free public forums that look at where social innovation, design and sustainability meet. Ezio is perhaps best known for his skills in practical scenario building towards solutions that encompass both environmental and social quality and the Designing Innovation tour will give you the opportunity to engage with him on both the theory and practice of building socially innovative responses.

July 14 Free Public Forum: Small, local, open, connected

The only sustainable way to get out of the current global financial and ecological crisis is to promote new economic models, new production systems and new ideas of wellbeing. To define and implement these new models is, of course, very difficult. But it is not impossible. And we do not have to start from zero.  What is the meaning of locality and community today? Can localities and communities be designed? How can bottom-up initiatives positively interplay with top-down ones? For discussion on these questions and more, register and come along to the Designing Innovation Public Forum.  The forum will be half lecture, half Q&A.

July 14 Melbourne Masterclass:  Next economy – enabling sustainable ways of living

This masterclass will explore how the interplay between social and technical innovation is opening up brand new opportunities. How can we conceive and deliver “enabling solutions”? How can individuals, businesses, institutions, associations and communities collaborate in the framework of viable business models to support sustainable ways of living?  This masterclass is for policy-makers and practitioners who are interested in sustainability, social innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration.  Attendees will have the opportunity to workshop some of these ideas and approaches, including how to reframe problems to inspire creative thinking about solutions, as well as understanding how ‘design thinking’ can help us experiment and prototype.

Places are limited so please visit the website for more detailed information and to register for your place.

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