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Craft Prototype: Multipurpose Portable Shelter

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on July 10th, 2009

Source: Craft Almanac, Craft Victoria‘s Newsletter

Image via Craft Victoria

Visit a prototype of a multipurpose portable shelter made in response to Melbourne’s housing shortages and skyrocketing rents.

Dates: Monday 27 July – Saturday 22 August

Plans for the shelter include; an exhibition/performance space, a children’s playhouse and a pop-up shop. Artist Dylan Martorell will build a sonic garden inside the shelter consisting of fungi, water plants and field recordings. Sunday Morning Designs have created a multipurpose waterproof textile that will function as a canopy for the structure. The textile, made up of patchworked re-used market bags and tarpaulins, will also be used to create different domestic products inside the space such as lamps and cushions, providing a further sense of comfort and protection from the outside elements.

I’ll Show You My Craft If You Show Me Yours

A collaborative series of projects designed to bring together people from different crafts to share processes, materials, and ideas.

Dates: Monday 27 July – Saturday 22 August
Venue: Craft Victoria, enCOUNTER and Gallery 3, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Source: Craft Almanac, Craft Victoria‘s Newsletter