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Local action & Network – A state of Global Sustainable Emergency?

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on April 12th, 2007

The Victorian Convergence on Global Sustainability Emergency was held on the 12 February 2007 by the Sustainable Living Foundation, Friends of the Earth Melbourne and the Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society. Close to 100 highly-committed people from environmental not-for-profit organizations, industry and government filled the hall to discuss brimming environmental concerns such as climate change, the water crisis, biodiversity, peak oil and poverty.

Additional topics that arose from the day included the consequences of framing sustainability as an emergency – would ‘emergency trigger people to act or rather frightened them into stasis, while other hot discussion revolved around mobilizing the media for environmental ends, the role of government and the ever elusive nature of the green funding dollar.

It was all-in-all a good day to meet up with other passionate environmentalists who are all doing their bit to alleviate and halt global climate change. For more information about the day, visit Stephen McGrail’s article, "Urgency turns into Emergency", published in The Age, 19 February 2007.

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