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CERES Global: India Travel Program 2011 Update

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14 October , 2010
7:00 pmto9:00 pm
4 November , 2010
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

With our series of community engagement information sessions wrapped up it’s time to start planning our January trip to India. We have a group of enthusiastic people ready to embark on an exciting journey into rural India to share their skills and experience with local NGOs to help support grass roots projects. CERES Global has been working with local people and NGOs for the last six years to support the implementation of a variety of sustainable projects in rural India to benefit the environment and the local community. This January we will be working across all five community engagement areas (Climate Action; Environmental Education; Schools and Kindergardens; Health; and Empowering Women). Some of the work we will be doing will involve:

- documenting the lives of women who belong to a women’s group outside Pitchandikulum in South India;
– developing and trialling a health education program for young women in the tribal village of Pal in Central India;
– visiting a progressive kindergarten group that doubles as an environmental education and women’s support group in a remote community in the foothills of the Himalayas.

There are still places available so if you are interested in finding out more about these projects or have an interest in another area of community engagement (Climate Action; Environmental Education; Schools and Kindergardens; Health; and Empowering Women) come along to one of our Information Sessions:

When: Thursday 14th October, Thursday 4th November

Where: Eco House, CERES Community Environment Park, Lee St, East Brunswick

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Indian snacks and chai will be provided from 6.30pm.

Please RSVP to Vanessa at or on 9389 0183. For more information please contact Vanessa or go to our website for more information

Switch Off Hazelwood: Community Protest

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10 October , 2010
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Growing Food for your Home: Darebin Workshop

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19 October , 2010
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

Expert presenter, Wendy Mather from The Food Farm will present a demonstration workshop on composting, worm farming and growing vegetables for big and small gardens (including apartments without yards).

When: Tuesday 19 October from 7–9pm
Where: Preston City Hall, 284 Gower Street, Preston (Melway 18 G12)
Cost: Free – A light supper is provided

RSVP and advise of any support needs/requirements, to Veronica Rustica by Monday 18 October on 8470-8392 or email

Aquaponics at CERES

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9 October , 2010
23 October , 2010
24 October , 2010

Pedestrian Access Strategy

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Source: Victoria Walks

The Victorian Government’s recently released Pedestrian Access Strategy outlines 5 strategic directions for walking [sic] in Victoria:

* Encourage walking by changing attitudes and behaviour.
* Collaborate to improve provision for walking.
* Create pedestrian-friendly built environments, streets and public spaces.
* Increase the safety of walking.
* Continue integrating walking with public transport.

The Pedestrian Access Strategy sets out the Victorian Government’s vision for a more pedestrian-friendly transport system for Victorians. The aim of the strategy is to encourage more Victorians to walk, especially for short trips.  The strategy establishes broad policy principles and the first steps to guide the Victorian Government’s investment in walking over the next 10 years – including infrastructure, planning and design, safety and behaviour change programs. More people walking has the potential to help ease congestion, reduce greenhouse emissions, improve the health of Victorians and promote social connections.

Read more about the strategy on the website.

Eco-Acupuncture 2010: VEIL Exhibition

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27 September , 2010 9:00 amto8 October , 2010 5:00 pm

What might a sustainable and resilient neighbourhood look like ? How can we transform existing urban communities through design interventions?

To develop low-carbon resilient communities from within the existing fabric of (sub)urban life it is important to have two things: visions of desirable future living scenarios – and visible interventions, today, that can re-orient the path of future development. Since 2007, the Victorian Eco Innovation Lab [VEIL] has been exploring the transformative power of future visions for new developments in Melbourne. This work has been complemented by another program with design professionals, academics and students, working with an existing community, to design a suite of local interventions that can release community energy for building a sustainable neighbourhood. VEIL calls this new program: Eco-Acupuncture.

This exhibition introduces two projects, one looking at a future development north of Docklands; the other sited at Broadmeadows, a suburb currently wrestling with many of the problems facing Australian suburbs. New developments can create sustainable communities from scratch; Broadmeadows requires the ‘retrofitting’ of an existing community. VEIL work has focused on food, water, transport, energy, information and eco-businesses and services and the development of new Local Activities Districts. ‘Broady’ is a place of rich cultural diversity and history, opening up many possibilities for innovative design thinking.

The exhibition features work in collaboration with the Hume City council, from design professionals and design studios held at Melbourne University, RMIT University, Monash University and Swinburne University in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, communication and service design, 2008-10.

Exhibition dates: Monday 27 September to Friday 08 October. Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm.
Location: The foyer, Urban Workshop. 50 Lonsdale Street. Melbourne. 3000

Living with forests: Panel Discussion

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29 September , 2010
5:30 pmto6:30 pm

Image: dbaron via flickr CC

World leading experts discuss impacts of climate change, biodiversity, fire, and industry,  exploring the intricacies of human dependence on forests.


  • Professor Tim Flannery on ‘Climate change and the impacts of changing forests on humans’
  • Dr William Jackson, Deputy Director General, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on ‘The importance of species and diversity and the impact of changes to humans’
  • Dr Kevin Tolhurst, Melbourne School of Land and Environment on ‘Living with forests and bushfires’
  • Veronica Tyquin, Conservation Planner, Forestry Tasmania – ‘Industry perspective’
Wednesday 29 September, 5.30-6.30pm

Carillo Gantner Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre (Building 158), University of Melbourne, Parkville

For more information and to register, visit:

Local Food Forum + Open Space Session

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23 October , 2010
10:30 amto4:00 pm

Food for Thought with guest speaker Kirsten Larsen from the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL)

You are invited to attend a forum on local food in Preston!  The first half of the day is a forum to set the scene for local food in Preston. Our guest speakers will tell us about what climate change and the end of cheap oil means for food, how people in Darebin are faring with food security, and what the City of Darebin, and community groups, are doing about these issues.  Over lunch you can meet some of the groups in our area who are involved in exciting food-related projects before participating in an ‘Open Space’ session to explore the question: how will Preston feed itself over the next twenty years?

Please RSVP by the 9th of October – the website has registration details.

Saturday 23 October, Preston Shire Hall 10:30-4:00

Business Recycling: Website & Hotline!

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on September 21st, 2010

It can be difficult for a small business to find the reuse, recycling and waste services they need. Many don’t have the time or the experience in finding these types of services. So the Business Recycling website and hotline have been set up to make the job that much easier. Whether you run a café, a garage, a factory or an office block, you will be able to find reuse or recycling options for much of the waste generated by your business.

There are 16 broad categories of materials listed on the site. They include:

* Cars and Other Vehicles
* Construction and Demolition
* Chemicals and Liquids
* Clothes and Textiles
* Electronics
* Food
* Food and Beverage Packaging
* Furniture and Fittings
* Garden and Landscape
* Industrial and Manufacturing
* Light Globes
* Metals
* Plant and Machinery
* Paper and Cardboard
* Plastics
* Rubber

Under each of these categories, there are many individual materials ranging from wood and glass, to carpet underlay and food scraps.

Reuse and recycling service providers may submit a list of the materials that they collect and process, for listing on the site. This can be done in a two stage process by filling in the on-line registration form.  Businesses looking for recycling services and information can search by Category and Material type, and by location.

Hotline: 1300 763 768

SecondBite at the Banksia Environmental Awards

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SecondBite is thrilled to announce we are a finalist in the 2010 Banksia Environmental Awards in the category Agriculture and Food – From Paddock to Plate Sustainably. We are also a contender for the People’s Choice Awards and this is where we really need your vote to help us win!  Please take a moment right now to vote for us and help get the word out to even more people about the vital work that we do. Click here to vote.

We will find out the results at the award night on October 15th 2010.

About SecondBite:

Formally established in 2005, SecondBite was the idea of Ian and Simone Carson who decided they could no longer watch good food go to waste whilst people went hungry.  For the first year, SecondBite was 100% volunteer run; however, in late 2006 the surplus food supply and recipient demand meant that some serious coordination was needed. So once seed funding was secured, our first member of staff came aboard.

SecondBite believes passionately in working collaboratively with other agencies. Not only does this conserve precious resources, but it also ensures that for today and tomorrow all community groups, large and small, receive the best possible service and a get a ‘fair go’ at receiving good quality fresh nutritious food.  Many groups provide meals and food parcels for a wide range of cultural groups. Providing the raw ingredients allows each group and individual the freedom and dignity to decide what menus they wish to create.

In truth the response and results, to date, have surprised even us. In 2007, SecondBite collected and distributed 132 tonnes of surplus fresh food, enough to provide 264,000 hearty 500g meals. In 2009, SecondBite collected 700 tonnes of food that would otherwise have driven to landfill. This equates to 630 tonnes of greenhouse gasses .  The volume sounds impressive, but in reality it is a mere drop in the ocean, especially when you consider that over 11,500 tonnes is driven to landfill every month in Victoria, whilst thousands of families struggle to put a meal on the table. With your help we can do so much more. Thank you.