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Event – The Architecture and Philosophy Public Lecture series for 2008 – commences 7 February

Posted in Events, Research, Visions by Ferne Edwards on January 31st, 2008

Find below details of a public architecture lecture series that touches issues of urban design – which could include sustainability!


Architecture+Philosophy returns for the fourth year in 2008. The monthly public program provokes engagement with questions of contemporary urbanism, planning, technology, space, system, design, distribution and other issues in the productive overlap between the two disciplines.

Opening the series is Prof Richard Blythe, Professor in Architecture and Head of the School of Architecture + Design at RMIT, and a founding director of the architecture practice Terroir. Full details will appear on the website: All sessions are free and there is no need to RSVP.

Architecture+Philosophy is curated by Esther Anatolitis and Dr Hélène Frichot, and presented by RMIT Architecture and Design and Federation Square. New to the series as Guest Curator in 2008 is Chelle Macnaughtan.

The full 2008 program will be advertised shortly. Presentation proposals are still welcome – Contact the curators with your proposal by Friday, 15 February.

Event – And of course, there’s the Sustainable Living Festival – 15 – 17 February

Posted in Events, Visions by Ferne Edwards on January 31st, 2008

One of the sustainable living event highlights for the year, the Sustainable Living Festival showcases a huge range of exhibitors, talks, workshops, art, films and performances celebrating and inspiring sustainable communities. Come and explore the Festival’s three-day program in the heart of the city of Melbourne and be a part of the celebrations.

Sustainable Living Festival – Federation Square – Melbourne – 15 – 17 February 2008 – Free!

For more information visit
Make Sustainability make it your sport

Event – World’s biggest Green Drinks – 15 February 2008

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on January 30th, 2008

Below is an invitation to the World’s biggest Green Drinks to be held as part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

Get a bunch of friends together and come and celebrate sustainability! Green is the new black. So as Melburnians we naturally have a fighting chance to take on New York for the title of World’s biggest Green Drinks.

New York got 900 people to their event, let’s beat that!

Our aim: To gather 1000 people working in the sustainability field and / or working towards a sustainable life. Come together and have a great time.

Event Details
WHAT: A night to celebrate sustainable thinking
WHEN: 6:00pm 15th Feb 2008 To coincide with the Sustainable Living Festival
WHERE: BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne
COST: Free* Organic drinks at bar prices (Ie. I found out this means “Free means free entry, organic drinks at bar prices means cheaper alcholic organic drinks than RRP” – Ferne).

For the latest updates and to register online go to Or email: greendrinks

Brought to you collaboratively by:
O2 Australia
Environment Jobs Network
Melbourne EnviroDrinks
Melbourne Sustainability Drinks
Major Event of the Sustainable Living Festival

Comment on car free cities – Melbourne to have car-free day on 17 February

Posted in Events, Movements, Policies by Ferne Edwards on January 29th, 2008

The section below is republished with permission from the Going Solar Transport Newsletter #43, 22 January 2008, compiled by Stephen Ingrouille. Going Solar,

Car Free Cities

“Melbourne City Council will join Moreland Council’s Cyclovia festival; Sydney Road, parts of Royal Parade, and all of Swanston Street will be closed from 8am to 2pm on Sunday, February 17. It will coincide with the final day of the Sustainable Living Festival at Federation Square. Roads Minister Tim Pallas remains cold on the idea, believing it will disadvantage too many road users for little or no benefit.

‘We don’t support a one-day stunt — we are about investing in a sustainable transport system for everyone, a spokesman for Mr Pallas said. The Government’s lack of support for the plan follows the controversial decision this week to ban bicycles from trains in … during rush hours, outraging many cyclists and sustainable transport experts. Car groups, the most vocal opponents of the original car-free day plan, opposed the new concept as well. ‘It will cause traffic chaos, RACV policy manager Brian Negus said.

But Melbourne City Council’s environment chairman Fraser Brindley said it was appalling that the Government would not support a car-free day. ‘It is blindingly obvious that we have got to start planning for the world beyond the car and this is something that can make people think about that, Cr Brindley said. ‘John Brumby is so entrenched in a car dependent future that he can’t even conceive the enormity of the problem we are facing.

Moreland Mayor Joseph Caputo, a Labor Party member, said every major city in the world now had regular car-free days. ‘It has a very positive effect on traders, because people are not rushing past in their car, he said. ‘Some major European cities have these things on a monthly basis, to really make people aware that the car isn’t the only way.

The car-free day movement has spread to 1500 cities around the world, and comes amid hot debate across the globe about how to reduce city congestion. Car-free days have been a success in many world cities, including Vancouver, Canada, which has run one annually since 2003. Last September, London for the first time banned cars from its busiest roads for a day, throwing them open to cyclists for its Freewheel London event.”

Ref: Clay Lucas, The Age, 3/1/08

'The old bicycle and the field of wheat' by Bern@t

Event – Research to Practice Forum Community Food Action, Addressing Food Security in British Columbia, Canada – 14 Feb

Posted in Events, Research by Ferne Edwards on January 25th, 2008

DATE – Thursday 14 February 2008, 9:30am- 11am
Places are limited; RSVP must be received by Thursday 7 February 2008
VENUE – VicHealth, Ground Floor, 15 – 31 Pelham Street, Carlton South. Melway Ref: 2B, F9

This Forum is an opportunity to learn how research can inform policy to promote food security and a sustainable food system in British Columbia (BC), Canada. The speaker is Associate Professor Aleck Ostry.

Dr Ostry currently holds a Canada Research Chair in the Social Determinants of Community Health and is a Senior Scholar with the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and Associate Professor at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. He holds Masters degrees in History and Health Services Planning and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and has published a book titled Nutrition Policy in Canada, 1870-1939, UBC Press, 2006.

Dr Ostry specialises in population health and the social determinants of health and has an active research program on food and nutrition policy. Currently, Dr Ostry advises BCs Regional Health Authorities on ways to work with communities to evaluate food security projects in relation to their potential impact on health. He is initiating a comparative food security and nutrition policy investigation with researchers in Australia as part of his ongoing program of research on public health nutrition. He also investigates the determinants of Canadians diet and has partnered with the Ministries of Education and Health to survey all BC schools to assess the extent of “junk food” food sales and nutrition policy development in the
education system. At present he is working with Department of Agriculture to map agricultural activity in the province in order to promote links between sustainable food production and health eating.

Registration: (Fee Free) RSVP by Thursday 7 February 2008. Please complete and email to aleck or Fax attention: Serrin Cooper to 9667 1375.
For further details on content contact: Lee Choon Siauw, Phone: (03) 9667 1351 Email: lcs

VicHealth Forum 14 February

Positions vacant at CERES – Applications close 28 January

Posted in Seeking by Ferne Edwards on January 24th, 2008

CERES is advertising several positions at the moment notably the Café Co Manager and the Market Manger (see position descriptions below), and also a 2 day a week gardening position (soon to be advertised), and a one day per week book keeping / accountant. Keep an eye on the CERES website for updates

Position Descriptions

CERES Organic Market Manager
Background to CERES
CERES is an environmental community organisation in East Brunswick, Melbourne. CERES is located on 4 hectares of land on the banks of the Merri Creek and has become an icon of locally based education and action on environmental and social-justice issues.

Projects encompassed within CERES include local and community projects (eg, Community Gardens and Chook Group, Bicycle Users Group, Bread- making Group), educational programs for schools (both environmental and cultural ), accredited training and work-experience programs, non-profit income generating programs (café and nursery), recreational activities and courses for adults and children, celebratory festivals ( including the Kingfisher Festival, Harvest Festival ) and a volunteer program.

'Coffee with views' by alvarolg

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Event – Share the Spirit Festival – 26 January

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on January 23rd, 2008

As advertised on the Melbourne Social Forum mailing list. For more information and to join this list visit

Starting 12 Noon at the Treasury Gardens, corner Spring St and Wellington Parade, Melbourne.
Featuring: Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Vic Simms, Kutcha Edwards, The Dili Allstars, Richard Franklands’ Charcoal Club, Andy Alberts & The Walkabouts plus food stalls & handcrafts.

This Years concert promises to be a huge event starting at 12.00pm until 6.00pm, there will also be a great range of food stalls, clothing and handcrafts available for purchase in the market area.

Share the Spirit is the only event in Melbourne produced by indigenous people to celebrate Survival Day (otherwise know as Australia Day). Share the Spirit is for everybody, interstate and overseas visitors included. We believe that a bright future depends on everybody concentrating on the road ahead, working together to help this great country reach even greater heights in harmony and co-operation.
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Event – Last minute invitation to hear Hal Hamilton, International Sustainable Food Lab – this Thursday 24 January

Posted in Events, Policies, Research by Ferne Edwards on January 22nd, 2008

Please find details for the presentation below contributed by Sam Bell. There is also a pdf at the end of this document with more information.

Hal Hamilton: Sustainable Food Lab
6.00 pm – 9.00 pm, Thursday, 24th January 2008
The Abbotsford Convent

Please join us in a rare opportunity to hear Hal Hamilton share his first hand experience in driving profound change to create sustainability in our food systems. Hal is the Project Leader of the Sustainable Food Lab, a unique entity formed in 2004 to understand “what it would take to shift mainstream food systems to a sustainable form”. From small beginnings, the Lab has become a dynamic community of senior and effective leaders and ‘change agents consisting of farmers and other professionals from business, non-profit organisations and governments from over three continents.

The Labs revolutionary approach is continually generating successful collaborations and productive solutions to the way we grow, harvest, distribute and buy food. The Sustainable Food Lab is a tangible example of what can be achieved
through leadership and collaboration when people are truly committed to solving the complex issues facing our world.

To RSVP for this event, please contact Julie Birtles at juliebirtles We encourage you to register quickly to secure your place.

Hal Hamilton lecture pdf document

'Eastwoodbury Lane Orchard' by Transition Town Westcliff

Resource & Local Action – Join the Plug in TV production team for 2008 – Meeting 24 Jan

Posted in Seeking by Ferne Edwards on January 22nd, 2008

As advertised on the Melbourne Social Forum mailing list. For more information and to join this list visit

Here’s a chance to be more involved and active in 2008…. come on and join the Plug-in TV production team!!!
Whatever your knowledge, skill or capacity, you can make a contribution! Documentary making is a team based process, which requires a number of skills to converge on a final product. Skills required include:

-Investigative Research
-Interviewing and Dialoguing
-Filming and Camera Operation
-Editing and Post Production
-Music production and Compilation
-Writing and Vocal Narration
-Animation and Effects
-Project Management

They key ingredient to have is a passion for making a difference through media. Even if you have little or no experience, you can join the team and learn as you go. Plug in TV is open to everyone who wants to jump in and start producing inspiring and compelling stories for the world.

Come to the production meeting on Jan 24th, 6:00 PM at the City Library (in the study room)
253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
Email us at info
Or call: Sheryl – 0432 102 050

Event – Tours of “Melliodora”, Hepburn Permaculture Gardens

Posted in Events, Models, Movements by Ferne Edwards on January 21st, 2008

It mightn’t be within Melbourne but its certainly worth the trip…. On the edge of Hepburn Springs, the spa centre in Central Victoria is one of the best documented and well known permaculture demonstration sites in Australia. Passive solar house, mixed food gardens, orchards, dams and livestock, and creek revegetation show how permaculture design can help to restore and improve land, provide for residents needs and enjoyment in a cool inland climate.

Tour Dates 2008: 3rd Feb, 2nd March, 6th April, 4th May.

'Hapburm Springs' by  ChrisChinchilla